Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018 - Wrapped it up

As a final trio of reviews, I am going to use commas in inaccurate places, because as one might know the first step is admitting.

Thanks for following through and visiting your now favorite review site of the Queen City (outside of your Trip Advisor and locals at Murder Mart, duh) here are three washrooms that you can use for free, if you ever get asked to leave - say you think you left your wallet/purse/boarding pass in there yesterday and say you'll be right back, works with kids all the times - that's a run on sentence for you.


If you want to hear about the calorie content of eggnog and Ryan Reynolds - maybe watch this.

City Market Onion River Co-op - 207 Flynn Ave

Rating: 9.99/10

I know what you are thinking.

Why am I here? In the grands scheme of things - did it even matter?

Didn't the owner of this domain already review City Market?

Breaking news from my agent - I forgot the name just like Steve Harvey and realized City Market opened up a new store in the arts district of Burlington. Good stuff (see the Speeder and Earl's review). The washrooms are in immaculate shape and each bathroom has a disposable needle container, so you can recycle all those needles after you are done dosing off from all those late night knitting sessions. Pro tip: Lysol everything.

Bonus: This reviewer checked out the immaculate produce section and noticed that the Russet Potatoes were sticker-ed as PLU: 4072  and noticed that in my dream that the PLU: 4072 at Whole Foods was actually a Go Fund Me hyperlink to fund the Wall  #thereisonlyonegreatwall

City Market Produce > Whole Foods. 

Drink - 135 St. Paul St

Rating: 7.9/10  

This reader has personally only been here during comedy open mics and found the washrooms a refreshing twist to when you use the restroom at your house while a Netflix comedy special is on. It's funnier here. If you have time - come check out some of the funniest people in Vermont and these other local shows. You reader should participate. Signups are at 8:30pm.

The holocaust did happen, so you probably shouldn't say it didn't and you probably won't get boo'ed or really loud not that's funny-but-I-am-not-going-to-laugh-groans. Hyphens - what do they double dash in Morse code? Am I right, am I right? (Crowd booos)

Vermont Comedy Shows

Comedy open mics times at Drink

Tuesday: 9pm - whenever
Thursday (Downstairs): 9pm - whenever

Burlington International Airport  (South Burlington) 1200 Airport Dr

Rating: 10/10
Have you ever wanted to stop that special someone from leaving your life? 

Did you ever need a personal place to try to figure things out? (They aren't coming back) 

Well, after they leave on the plane and you are stuck in South Burlington waiting on that Uber and want to use a free restroom, no questions asked, you are in luck!

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